Capabilities & Equipment

Capabilities & Equipment

We are equipped with the tools to offer complete bending services, end forming, fabrication, and more. With the latest machines from leading industry manufacturers, we are able to accommodate to exact specifications and are committed to ensuring high quality products.


We are equipped with the tools to offer complete bending services with the ability to bend a variety of materials, including mandrel, round, rectangular, expanding, flaring, swaging, and beading, in addition to fabrication, such as welding, cutting, notching, punching, coping, and drilling. We can also finish your product with powder coating, anodizing and polishing.


To serve you, we feature the latest machines from industry leading manufacturers. We have multiple Eaton Leonard CNC Benders with mandrel bending and high torque capabilities with up to 3″OD. Our eight Eagle End Forming machines provide a wide array of flaring, reducing and expanding abilities to accomodate all your end forming needs to exact specifications.


We take extra care to ensure your quality control requirements are met by utilizing the latest available technology. A tube inspection machine (CMM) is on hand to inspect all parts to ensure accuracy and increase quality production runs. All equipment angauges are subjected to a full scheduled maintenance and verification process.